UX writer and content strategist with 12 years of experience in UX writing/content strategy/editorial work.


Uber Eats

  • Led consumer facing writing for Uber Eats app and website, collaborating within a team of 12 UX designers, a team of researchers, and an illustrator across San Francisco, New York, and India
  • Responsible for implementing writing in a change-driven environment, covering everything from core features, new user education, A/B copy tests and more, impacting millions of global users per day
  • Developed and established guidelines and process improvements with localization and legal for effective communication, streamlined and efficient legal reviews, and contextualized product translations
  • Worked with engineering and data science to discover the most effective areas for content tests with the greatest potential business impact
  • Created cross-organizational style guides for topics including how to publish promotions (for operations teams) and how to create emojis that scale globally in code (for engineers and writers)
  • Appointed as CFO (Chief Fun Officer)

An overview of responsibilities as a UX writer at Uber Eats


  • Develop and lead all aspects of UX writing including style guides, copy testing, localization, and accessibility strategies for small business product
  • Write and strategize clear, concise UI text for backend tools for businesses, including an app
  • Write and strategize content for consumer facing profiles that appear at the very top of Google searches
  • Collaborate with operations teams on onboarding and product education strategy, messaging, and emails
  • Develop frameworks and style guides for growth into new verticals and international expansion
  • The sole UX writer and content strategist for a a team of product managers, UX designers, UX researchers, engineers and marketing
  • Co-organizer of internal series on UX writing. Co-writer for UX chapter of Human Centered AI Guidebook.

A description of responsibilities as a UX writer at Google



  • Let global audit of UX copy and support center copy
  • Produced UI concept and copy for a video training and uploading tool integrating video, copy, and educational materials
  • Conducted content audit of the knowledge base and support base covering more than 1000 articles, PDFs, videos
  • Created the style guide for UX writing at Udemy, and the style guide and content templates for the knowledge base
  • Oversaw strategy and governance planning for content migration between knowledge base, support center, and community to new platforms in eight languages

International Center for Maize and Wheat Research (diplomatic posting in Mexico)

  • Interpreted requests and built creative solutions that addressed internal customer needs for a world class wheat and maize research center
  • Created and implemented a site architecture for a SharePoint intranet of 1,200 employees in 14 worldwide offices
  • Developed and maintained an intranet strategy and guidelines including best practices for utilizing the tool, creating permissions, creating sites with the greatest business value while following UX best practices
  • Developed and led trainings internationally for staff to use SharePoint and WordPress
  • Project management for a $1M archival corporate project involving defining deliverables and content deadlines between archivists team and a third party content creation team
  • Worked to develop editorial plan, reduce redundancies, and translate technical jargon into friendly language

Celilo Group Media

  • Oversaw content from concept, research and writing for six eco city guides with growth from three to six US cities annually
  • Editorial concept to creation for four city websites with daily environmental information and local blogs, and daily publishing to each
  • Created and managed social media accounts relevant to brand
  • Research and fact checking working with local governments for state and national environmental regulations and best practices
  • Audience analysis and standards for school age appropriate content
  • Creation of company editorial style guide and voice for web and print
  • Content localization with each of six regional sales teams

Freelance writing and content strategy

KCET, GOOD, LA TimesPlenty, Cool Huntingcorporate reports


Lewis & Clark College (Poetry)


Professional Spanish
Cooking school diploma
Cowboy novel