Google: Google Guaranteed

The Google Guarantee is a powerful offer, but that wasn’t clear to shoppers.

The Google Guarantee is one of the strongest value propositions for Local Services. The tagline was initially “Google’s money-back guarantee.” Users thought it was marketing jargon or that it would be complicated to file a claim.

I rewrote the tagline as “Get the job done right or Google pays you back.”
It starts with a positive image of a successful job. There’s no confusion about who will pay. Clear and straightforward.

Additionally, I created a style guide detailing the correct usage across a bunch of different scenarios, for operations, help center, and product teams to implement.

This has tested very well, with participants saying they feel more confident ordering a service.

I also worked closely with the Operations team, who field calls from customers. Together we analyzed their data and anecdotes, and rewrote the Help Center page.

Working with this team allowed me to tap into the knowledge of this group of people who talk to customers all day. Many people who are not usually a part of the UX process can bring valuable insights.